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Thread: Modifying M4-ATX

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    Modifying M4-ATX

    I have this intelligent power supply from my previous carPC setup:

    Now I have bought this little nettop:

    This little thing needs 12V DC regulated power.
    I does not have startup/shutdown controller integrated, so I want to use M4-ATX to power fitPC2 with 12V.
    Anyone knows how to do that, because M4-ATX has standard MBO connector, there is no separate stabilized 12V output.
    Will startup/shutdown functions remain working?

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    You just need to take a feed from any of the Drive power connectors, Yellow and black will provide 12V out.

    The only 'mod' needed to get it to work without a Normal MB connected is to short out the green wire with any black in the MB connector.

    This is basically the PWOK from the MB telling the PSU that it is connected OK.

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    What will happen with shutdown/startup functions?
    I assume that they will still work?
    Maybe I should try connect it that way and see what happens

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