First off I will post the specs of everything I have that needs power for operation:

M350 Universal Mini-ITX enclosure
PURE Fusion Mini E350 (IPC-E350M1)
4 GB DDR3 ram (left over from laptop upgrade)
100 GB Toshiba HDD (from an old laptop)
Alfa Networks AWUS036H (usb wifi)
Lilliput 629GL-70NP/C/T 7" VGA Touchscreen w/ Auto Back-up Camera Switch

I realize that I really do not need much power at all, but I am trying to accommodate for future add on components for the whole car PC setup.

I had originally purchased the M3-ATX 125 Watt - Smart Automotive Power Supply but when I got the main board I realized it has a 24 pin connector and a 4 pin connector. As per the documentation for the board the 4 pin is for "CPU power", so I do not think this is optional. I have managed to power the board and get it to post with a 20 pin and 4 pin ATX power supply, but as my dvd drive is currently not working I can not install an OS.

Since I noticed I have to have the 4 pin I requested an RMA for the M3-ATX and ordered the CarNetix CNX-P2140 185W Dual Output Intelligent DC-DC Regulator and the Mini-Box picoPSU-150-XT to supply power to my new main board. I should be good right? Well when I got the part it was not what I thought I had ordered and instead I now have the Mini-Box picoPSU-120, and this is the same pinout as the M3-ATX (minus the SATA power)and no need to make a 4 pin harness for 12v input and a molex to 4 pin harness to connect to the main board. Either way I need the molex to 4 pin to connect to the main board.

I will be using the CarNetix P2140, for no other reason than I have already put it in place and want to use it.

My dilemma is that I do not know if I should attempt to use the M3-ATX and send back the picoPSU-120 or send them both back and try again for the one I thought I ordered in the first place.

Some questions about trying to use the M3-ATX that I have for everyone:

Could I connect the M3-ATX ignition to the same place I have the connection for the P2140?
Could I connect the M3-ATX ignition to the DYLON "remote trigger" along with the amp?
Could I use the M3-ATX in standard ATX mode?
- Doing this would negate the need for it being a "smart automotive ATX power supply" (The reason I ordered the picoPSU)

Should I use the picoPSU and just use SATA adapters and a 4 pin molex adapter?
- My tests do show that the board will run with this pin (20+4) configuration using a desktop ATX power supply.

Should I scrap it all and put the factory system back in place?

Unfortunately I have to make this decision very soon as we are supposed to take a 5+ hour trip soon. Being without any form of entertainment would be an object lesson in torture for the whole family. I have to either use what I now have or postpone the entire project for a few months. Even waiting for a new part with next day air delivery (too pricey at this point) would be cutting things a bit too close for comfort.

Any ideas, feed back, questions are welcome and thank you in advance for any help you give.

Thank you.

PS. This is not meant as a detractor to or its service. Accidents happen, and they are rarely when you want them to. I am merely looking for advice on how to proceed given my current situation.