I seem to have a problem with my set up. I had the Opus 90W powering a car PC and it all worked fine, the car got sold so I took out all the car PC parts, as a consequence the car PC and the Opus 90W where on the shelf for a couple months.

I built a workbench to test the car PC set up before installing it in a new car, I am using a normal 450 W nominal ATX power supply, the 12V output from one of the molex connectors of the ATX power supply is wired to the "Battery" pin of he Opus, and also to the "Ignition" pin of the opus 90w (however I added a switch to this wire in order to simulate the car on/off state). I also wired the ground/black wire of the same molex connector from the ATX power supply to the "Ground" pin of the Opus 90W. So Basically when I jump start the ATX Power supply, the opus LED begins to blink normally as if the power supply was in Idle or stand-by state (Led flashes for 0.1 sec and then is off for a few seconds, then flashes again, etc.). The moment I flip the switch on the Ignition pin in order to simulate that the car is turned on, after about a second I can see that the power LED of the PC Flashes for a second, as if the PC was powering up, however it all of a sudden turns off and the PC never fully boots, the LED on the OPUS also goes to a total OFF state, it never flashes at all and remains off. Its as if the Opus begins to power the PC for a second and then totally turns off, and the LED light of the OPUS 90W stops flashing completely.

Once I disconnect power to the Opus 90W and reconnect it, the LED begins to flash normally again as if it was in idle/stand-by state, however I can't seem to get the opus to power and boot my car PC. I would appreciate your help and input in order to get this solved. Any ideas on what may be going on? I thank you in advance for your help.