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Thread: + feed from battery

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    + feed from battery

    Hi my first thread, ive installed a pc into my bmw 323i, the opus power supply instructions say connect the battery direct to the PSU which i have done.
    All works fine but ive taken it out do do some bits. Ive had to put a crimp joint in the battery feed and have noticet the plastic sheeth on the wire at the join
    has started to melt.
    The wire is the correct size is this due to having a join£ should i use one piece of wire.
    Many tnx

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    I'm a little concerned about the safety of this installation.

    To clarify, please correct any of these assumptions I am making:

    - you run a wire directly from the + Battery post to the opius supply in the vehicle.

    - you cut the wire somewhere along the way and reconnected with a crimp on butt connector. Is the connection in the engine compartment or passenger area?

    - You did not mention any fuses/ mini breakers etc. Did you install a fuse or similar anywhere along that wire and if so where? Close to the Battery or close to the P/S?

    - What guage wire did you run?

    - Are you running anything else off this wire other than the P/S?

    These answers will help determiine if you have a safe installation or not. Please let us know. And PS. Welcome to !!
    My 2007 Ford F350 Work Log located HERE

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    pictures of the above would also help.(in case the melting is due to something like engine heat from nearby components)

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    Hi tnx for reply i did respond but i think i did it wrong, anyway here are some pics of my 1st car pc fully working, i had a bad connection and its sorted . 1998 BMW 325i coupe. via itx fanless mobo 600mhz cpu, 512 mb ram, 160gbhdd, dvd rom, 8" touch screen, windows xp pro, autoroute 2010 with sat nav reciever, designed as a mass juke box for my mp3 collection. ive been building custon pc's for a while i.e. clear desk, fish tank pc but 1st car pc which has different challenges, i now intend to build a better one with wireless and bluetooth ect.
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