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Thread: 12v -> 5v converter

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    12v -> 5v converter


    I have a skyline 350gt (aka infinity g35) I'm adding a tablet computer to the dash and have a question regarding supplying power to the tablet.

    I'm getting a professional install of an adapter into the factory stereo to allow me to get aux & ipod input via a little box that attaches to the external cd connector behind the stereo. At the same time I am going to ask them to wire up a 5v USB cord into the cubby hole where i will be placing my android tablet.

    I was thinking of buying this and a usb cable and asking them to wire it directly into the 12v supply of the car, is this appropriate?

    Would I be better to buy a little PCB board someone with a larger heatsink, would this be more reliable?

    How often do these things die?

    Am I better to ask them to just lead the 12 volt wires into the cubby hole, then wire the voltage adapter inside the cubby hole so that if it dies, i don't have to disassemble my entire car to replace it?

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    I was going to ask to get this wired into continuous voltage, the tablet uses 0.7A any chance I will fry my tablet with the ingnition spike in voltage, do I need any form of filter?

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    the first one should be ok. i would recommend keeping it in a easy-to-replace location, i haven't had the greatest of luck with all my dx purchases..

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