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Thread: Double check me on my psu noise theory before i dive in anyone?

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    Double check me on my psu noise theory before i dive in anyone?

    Just got it all installed, magnificient, but I've fallen culprite to a very loud, overpowering, ever present static (ie this is no small alternator whine)

    Here is my troubleshooting and think pattern.
    1. Checked for induction, held rca to 3.5 cable from my pc to the equalizer up in the air no where near any electrical wires.... FAIL
    2. Used the same 3.5 line from my CELL to my equalizer. CRYSTAL CLEAR... FAIL
    3. Removed my pc from car, used AC to DC PSU in house, CRYSTAL CLEAR... FAIL

    I can't believe in my research i didn't see more about this issue. My sole two conclusions are
    1. potential ground loop (seeing as my two amps are both grounded to chasis and my M4ATX is grounded to negative terminal), ground psu to chassis
    2. M4ATX just sucks maybe, In my reearch i read of someone who buying an opus fixed the problem... worrisome...

    I'm quite the car audio buff, but new to the cpc scene, but i have NEVER heard interferance this bad, lol. But it seems like to me that I must be an easy fix, because if everyone had static as bad as this NO ONE would be using this PSU. Please pass on some thoughts, the only thread i can find on this specific issue was posted by someone who doesn't speak english and its just too hard for me to follow...

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    See Mickz's stuff about M4 noise.

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