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Thread: DCDC-USB "Shutdown" command over USB.

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    DCDC-USB "Shutdown" command over USB.


    I've searched the forum for the answer, and have yet to find what I am specifically looking for.
    Maybe I missed it, so please forgive me.

    I ordered the DCDC-USB power supply to power my Zotac MAG HD-ND01 system for the car.

    I've read through all of the manuals for the PSU, but they don't answer the question...

    The Zotac powers on and boots as soon as power is applied. Something I am fine with.

    But, I don't know if the DCDC-USB will allow a clean shutdown or "hibernate" once the key is turned off on the car by sending a command to the PC via USB that it is time to shut down.

    The Zotac does not offer an internal header for the PSW lead, and hard-soldering connections is not in my future for this unit.


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    Sorry, no options without headers or soldering to the power button contacts.

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