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Thread: SATA power from DCDC converter

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    SATA power from DCDC converter

    I've been searching far and wide throughout the various forums for the answer to this. I'm not familiar with DCDC converters or how you guys run your hard drives and optical drives. Most SSDs currently on the market use SATA power connections. I'm planning an intel Z68 based board and an i3 processor. I'm planning to use a 60 GB SSD I have laying around for the main boot drive. I'm also planning on running one of those newish Seagate Momentus laptop SSD hybrid drives for storing media and probably a slim blu-ray player by sony (I've been reading bad things about these though). All use SATA power cables. How do I go about getting power to these drives? Because of my expected power requirements, I had my eye on the OPUS 360w PSU.

    Does the OPUS 360w DCDC converter have any method to power SATA drives? The main ATX connection will obviously go to the mobo. After that, I'm stuck. Do I need 2 PSUs? One for the motherboard and one for the SATA drives? I see it comes with a 4 pin to IDE power plug chain. Is the only solution to buy an IDE to SATA adapter? Is there some other DCDC converter that would suite me better?

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    If the Opus 360 has traditional molex power connectors, you can get SATA power adapters pretty cheap.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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