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Thread: Thinking of switching from DSATX to m3-ATX, any thoughts?

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    Thinking of switching from DSATX to m3-ATX, any thoughts?

    long story short, i am utterly fed up with my TWO dsatx psu's
    they were VERY reliable for the last 3years. having issues here and there, but VERY stable, i loved them .

    but for the last couple of weeks, they have been failing me miserably. and i no longer want to spent days and my entire weeeknds trying to figure out what is wrong.
    summer is comming and i have road trips every weekend till september. i am in dire need of a RELIABLE psu for my trips.

    I need to know if the M3 atx will be reliable for my setup

    motherboard: asrock e350M1 with 2gb of ddr3 ram :
    HDD 1 :30gb SSD
    HDD 2 : 500gb 5400 RPM
    and 8 usb devices.
    1.Joycon controller
    2. bluetooth for connecting phone
    3. BT for logitech dinovo mini k
    4. BU-353 gps
    5. wireless dongle for boxee keboard
    6. usb for touch screen 1
    7. usb for touch screen 2
    8. usb for thumb drive access

    i also need to supply 5v to a hdmi to vga convert box i have :

    i am VERY tight on space, thats y i was looking at the m3. and i simply need something reliable.

    I have tried using the online psu calculators, but none of them seem the have my motherboard listed
    without the motherboard to the list, is says i need around 140 watts of power :-/

    can any shed any light on their experience with the M3 atx or suggest one, besides the dsatx?

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    You don't want the M3, you want the M2...

    If you can use a standard type ATX style powersupply the M4 will do like 250 watts.

    You may be pushing the limits of your power supplies...

    I think the M3 was only 120, the M2 is 150... You might try using a powered USB hub that will let you take the power off the motherboard.

    The M4 power supply is the most powerful one I know of but it is designed more to allow a standard desktop type case to be used.

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    Have you contacted Zootjeff about your DSATX issues?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

    Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.

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    It's only my personal opinion, but you'd be going backwards in reliabilty from the DSATX to the M-Anything Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarquePervert View Post
    Have you contacted Zootjeff about your DSATX issues?

    yes i have tried to, several time. no response.

    I purchased an OPUS 250W PSU and the Point of load device.
    Should arrive next week.

    I will have to do some serious planning on where i need to place the psu and or relocate motherboard.
    the PSU is huge

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