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Thread: power supply for Maxdata favorit 500

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    power supply for Maxdata favorit 500

    hi guys,

    I'm new to this forum with my first little project. i have a Maxdata favorit 500 fanless mini pc that i think is perfect for my car.

    I've already got the lilliput in its enclosure ready to be fitted but i cant find the right power supply. the input required is 30w, 12vdc, 2.5a.

    any help would really be appreciated.


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    DCDC-USB, Opus or Carnetix would do the trick. I have DCDC-USB: it's cheap, very configurable and works well, but there is 0 support from the manufacturer. However, it can easily be configured to output stable 12V, so you should give it a look.
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    Will do!!! I really appreciate your advice.

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