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Thread: 19v power supply?

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    19v power supply?

    I'm looking at a mini PC for my car PC but see the input for them is 19v. Are there any 12 to 19v power supplies that would be suitable for this?


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    2,060 This will do all your needs, 19v with good amps, 12v for monitor and 5v with add-on for your hub. They work great. SNO

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    Just want to confirm that it will do what I need:

    Soft momentary power button connected to PSU
    PSU activates 12,19 and 5v outputs then pulses the PC's soft power button (soldered into PC soft power switch)

    Shut down:
    Soft momentary button connected to PSU to shut down system
    PSU pulses PC's soft power button to cause it to shut-down

    I'll have a relay connected to my car's IGN line so that the PSU only receives +12V BATT when the IGN is ON
    IGN relay will stay on during crank, PSU will stay on

    Start-up/Shut down controlled by soft power button connected to PSU, not ACC line from car.


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