First post and last effort before tossing the m2-atx into the garbage bin.

I have been trying to get the m2-atx etc. working with my Xonar D2 for a few weeks now. Correction; i wanted to get the m3-atx working with the xonar, but bought the m2-atx because I thought my troubles might be resolved with a hgher rated solution.

Symptom: analogue audio is unlistenable only when supplying power via m2-atx (and m3-atx). Alternative power sources do not show symptom (including lower rated psu) Checked all possible avenues of stupid mistakes one could make, but no resolution.

In the end the problem seems to confine itself to the -12V supply of the m2-atx. Voltage drop (or is it rise) from -12V (no load) to -4.3V (with load). My alternative psu (Morex 60 watts (-12V rated @ 0.1 Amps)) does not have a drop/rise in voltage and runs the Xonar perfectly smooth.

What could cause this -12V to -4.3V drop?

I am assuming it is because the xonar is drawing too much -12V current, but that would mean all M-line solutions are out (they are all rated 0.15 amps for -12V). Additionally, the Morex rated @ 0.1 amps for -12V is pulling the load happily.

Does anybody have suggestions for making the -12V supply from the M2-atx behave or create a modifucation to supply -12V alternatively?

Many thanks