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Thread: DSATX Sleep/Hibernate Issue

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    DSATX Sleep/Hibernate Issue

    I've used the DSATX for years, without any issues, but this new build has me scratching my head.
    DSATX is flashed to firmware 1.1.5. Current set to send computer to hibernate after ACC goes away.
    It can wake the computer on ACC signal 100%, however it could rarely send the computer to sleep.
    Everytime ACC goes low, the DSATX would send a pulse, but computer stays on DSATX LED has 2 blinks (pulse sent,awaiting shutdown) for 90 seconds, and then proceed to cut the power to carpc, causing hard shutdown.
    I've put the DSATX into dumb mode and using the power button, i was able to sleep & wake the carpc 100% of the time. So the motherboard & windows isn't to blame.
    I've varied the DSATX pulse width from 200ms to 3000ms, with no result.
    Now i'm totally out of ideas. Let me know if you've got some ideas.

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    what setting you have low voltage at? Maybe your battery is draining too quickly or low voltage threshold is too high. just a thought SNO

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    11.5V, currently on power supply on test bench (~12.3V).

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    1. polarity matters when connecting the cable to the power switch on the mobo
    2. if that does not work search for the special cable that some mobos require to work with DSATX power cable..

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    Finally figured it out. I had windows turn off screen after 2 minutes. If dsatx is sending pulse after screen goes off, carpc takes it as a wakeup pulse. So solution is turn screen turn off to never.

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