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Thread: I'm confused about something ...

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    I'm confused about something ...

    I am a novice at this stuff. You guys throw around all these technical terms about voltage and caps and transistors and capacitors and I get lost.

    I have a Epia 10k Nehemiah, a slim slot DVD CDRW, and a WD 40GB HD, and 512mb DDR. I am planning on building this into the dash on my car. I have the room, but the only problem is I have NO IDEA what to worry about as far as powering this sucker. I am getting really paranoid because you guys keep talking about all these problems, and I would HATE to fry any of my hardware out of ignorance.

    Please don't tell me to search for the answers to these questions. I've searched. I need SPECIFIC answers, and you guys seem to know a TON about this stuff.

    What I need to know:

    1)What PSU should I get?

    I've been looking at the Opus Solutions stuff, and they seem to be the best and preferred on these boards. I don't care that they are a bit pricey, I would rather get something reliable than worry about a little extra cash.

    2)Where can I go to learn about EXACTLY how to hook this PSU up in my car?

    3)Does the Epia 10k board require a power switch, or will the opus psu handle that?

    If you don't want to help me, or if you are feeling the urge to tell me to 'search' for these answers, please just don't reply. Let the people that WANT to help, help Thanks in advance.

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    Dude the only thing you need is a Opus. Nothing more nothing less. The PSU that Opus sells its absolutely the best. No worrys about anything. It will turn your pc on once it senses 12v on the remote line.

    To hook it up its damn easy. It has three wires that connect to your car, and it also includes instructions on how to do it.
    Yellow wire - 12v constant, get this voltage directly from the battery
    Red wire - 12v remote, get this from your ignition switch, specifically from the accesory line.
    Balck wire - is the ground, connect it to the chassis of your car.

    edit: Forgot to mention, the Opus also has a jumper that connects to the jumpers on your motherboard for the power switch. This switch is where the lil magic occurs. It will turn ON and OFF your pc.

    Dont even think about it twice, best PSU period.

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    Thank you sir! That is exactly what I wanted/needed to hear

    I'll order my Opus today Do you think I will need the 150W or could I get by with the 90W?

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    if your using an epia, you could use a 90w
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    But if you want to expand and add other things to it, there is nothing wrong with the 150w version. If I were you I would order the 150w psu. Always remember the PSU will only put out what the pc needs.

    Good lcuk in your install

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    One more question, and I promise I'll shut up until I think of another question

    I got a DSCUSTOMS 7'' touchscreen for this setup. The darn thing comes with a PLUG for power. I obviously can't plug it into the powersupply. Is there some special connection I need to get, or do I cut open the power cord and splice it in? I don't want to screw up this screen HELP!

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    You could use a cig adapter. But cproaudio's screen fryed and he contributes this to it being wired without a regulator. I'm not so sure, as the screen is rated to withstand a pretty broad range. My screen is wired to a cig lighter, but I like to live on the edge :-)

    If you want regulated power, tap into the OPUS PSU. Make yourself an adapter that gets the 12V leads. It should be the side-by-side yellow and black wires on the 4pin molex connector (the one u use to connect HDs/CD-Roms/or even the floppy). I used an old fan adapter to avoid splicing. I plan to switch back to this approach after hearing cproaudio's story. You can chop off the adapter from the ac/dc or pick one up at the shack.

    I'm sure this question has been asked before. I think I even asked it once.

    Word of caution: Make sure you get the polarity straight or say bye bye to your screen. Positive better be positive and negative better be negative. Stupid install mistakes are not covered under warranty. For $1Million, I will install it for you.

    EDIT: Sorry, it was cproaudio's screen not osirisdon's screen.

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    For the record, no one here is going to hate on you. You did exactly the right thing. Posted a specific question in the correct forum. Most new people get chastised for not seaching because the ask the dreaded question:

    "I've got a computer and I wanna put it in the car. What do I do?"

    You asked a very specific question:

    "What power supply would you recommend for an Epia?"

    You'll always get answers here if you ask specific questions. Car computing is a very specialized hobby.

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    How big is the 150w unit any one ? Just a thought will it fit in my ITX case or is it as big a standrd ATX psu ?

    Seen the pics on their site but its realy hard to get an idea of how big it is in real life.

    Also does it come with the power connector for the ITX systems ?

    I though the AT & ITX plugs where diffrent which is why I am asking...



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