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Thread: Advice on how to prevent Voltage drop during Cranking.

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    Advice on how to prevent Voltage drop during Cranking.

    Hello Everyone!
    I have this simple problem that isnt really a big problem but more of an annoyance.
    Now I have everything hooked up correctly. I have the M2 power supply.
    The system turns on when I start the car, it sleeps when I turn it off.

    My problem is..
    If I turn the car to ACC and the system boots up and then I start the car after everything is running.

    Its like the main power is cut off and the system just turns off. Reboots ....

    Heres what I checked.

    The main power is connected directly to the battery. It has 12+v
    When I crank over the engine, the voltage drops a lot but only for a second or to then its right back where it should be.

    That quick second is all it takes to shut off the system and reboot it.

    Can anyone give me some advice or if there is another forum post that already address this to help me find it.!!!

    Also my second question, off this topic but say I am at a drive-in and they broadcast over the radio.. With the car off and the system running its going to kill my battery fairly quick. Would a second battery help? If so whats the advice on that.. ALSO now that I think about it would a second battery help with the problem above?

    Thank You !!!

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    Pulled right from the M2 manual:

    "AutoLatch is active during the fist 60s of PC operation (and only during the
    first 60 seconds). For example, If Ignition is turned ON and then OFF right
    away, M2-ATX will latch Ignition in ON position for the next 60 seconds"

    So when you go to ACC, that triggers the PC start, if you leave it in ACC for more than 60 secs, you loose the latch feature, then when you go to "run" that on-off-on will trigger another PC start. Add a "always on switch" and flip it on before moving the key then slip it back off again.

    It's no different than if you had a head unit installed (depending on the head unit).
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