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Thread: Ultracapacitor Battery for Car

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    Ultracapacitor Battery for Car

    Found a good stuff at Amazon

    Product Description
    It is an engine starting booster module. It consists of six 1400 farad 2.5 volt Nippon ultracapacitors connected in series plus a cell balancing circuit to keep the voltages on the individual cells balanced. How it Works: The ultracapacitor engina starting booster module is connected across the battery wires, preferably as close as possible to the starter motor. Even if the battery is weak, it keeps the ultracaps charged to the battery voltage. When the starter is engaged, the energy in the ultracaps drives the starter, giving full voltage to the starter, due to its extremely low resistance. This is especially effective in starting engines, as they will not start unless they reach a minimum starting RPM. A weak battery may be able to turn it over, but if it doesn't reach minimum RPM, the engine won't start. If the engine doesn't start on the first try, in a minute or so the battery will recharge the ultracaps for another strong shot. As a side benefit, the ultracapacitor engina starting booster module will stabilize the system voltage, which will improve performance of some accessories, such as high power audio systems. the boost module just like a senconde battery, but much strong then normal one. for short bursts, is not affected by high or low temperatures, and will laste longer.

    How do you think this thing?
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    Forget it, it's crap. Not only the product, but the crap "theory" that goes with it.

    And it's under 300F. The average car battery is well over tens of thousands of Farads.

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    What OldSpark said....but it'd be fun to short it with a screwdriver. Instant spot welder for a short time anyways.
    Doubt the capacitors are built to dump a lot of current quickly.

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