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Thread: M4 Tried and true

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    Quote Originally Posted by psi3000 View Post
    Has anyone ever used or seen this?

    looks like its a DC and comes with a AC adapter. I could be wrong.
    I believe the PSU in this unit will limit your options because of the PSU's power output.

    Quote Originally Posted by psi3000 View Post
    also found this case with the m2 PS:
    anyone try these combos?
    A better choice.
    There are some who have experienced the same EFI issues w/ the M2.
    Also - I would recommend NOT buying a case/PSU combo from ebay unless it's a seller you know like MoCoSo or mp3car.
    The last thing you want to be a cheap knockoff is your PSU.
    And yes, cheap knockofs are out there on the market.

    Caveat emptor and good luck!
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Thanks or the info but I do not see anything at all listed by those two eBay sellers.

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