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Thread: Please help newbie - what is power solution for my current situation

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    Please help newbie - what is power solution for my current situation

    Dear folks,

    I'm building a CarPC. Everything is now setup (Garmin Mobile PC, fancy muisc/video player, facebook...), however I have no ideas with power solution for my current situation. I greatly appreciate your help/suggestion

    I currently setup for my Car PC

    1) Viewsonic VOT132 Mini PC (Voltage DC Power: On-board, 19V DC-in to 3.3V, 5V, 5VSB, 12V. AC Adapter 19V DC; 65W Adaptor)
    Windows 8.1. I love this computer so much. It's very fast and light weight.

    2) Touchscreen bought from mp3car CarNetix 8 SKD 16:9 resistive (Voltage DC Power: 12 V DC, 5A)

    So can I use a DC-AC inverter 200w in this case? I think my car battery will be cranking if I go with this option.

    Any good suggestion/solution from you, please give me an advice. What should I buy for power solution?

    Quyen Tran

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    Glad you got a PC that you love & works well for you.

    You can use an inverter but there are issues with doing that, some research in these forums will clarify them, there are plenty of threads discussing it. The best solution is to use one of the Carnetix P/S like the P1900, it will output the 19V you need plus a second 12v output for your monitor. You can add on a 5v regulator as well if needed for USB devices. The P/S & 5V regulator are available here in the MP3car store.
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    Another note.

    Your computer requires 19V dc in.. Nothing in your system needs AC just so you know. You mentioned a DC-AC 200w inverter... That would only be to allow you to use the AC adapter you already have but as Phil mentioned you have better options available with DC-DC convertors.

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    Thanks for your answers. One more thing regarding power supplies I would like to get your help:

    Currently, whenever I start the engine, power goes to both my computer and touch screen, but they are always in standby mode. So I have to turn on them manually or by remote control (even though both was turned on before the main power of car was switched off).
    I would like whenever I start the engine, both touch screen and computer automatically turn on and start up.

    So what is a solution for this? Can we do this with converter or inverter? Please tell me what I should buy.
    I appreciate your help.

    Quyen Tran

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