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Thread: Is the Carnetix 1900 my only option

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    Is the Carnetix 1900 my only option

    Powering a NUC i5 4250 (stock power supply is 19v at 65w) and a Chalk-Elec 10” Screen 5v 3A.

    I see a ton of recommendations for the DCDC Intelligent supply on the forum which made me want to use it. Being my screen and computer need different voltages the 1900 provides those but from the manuals on the DCDC it won't.

    I've tried to search to see if it is recommended to not use the same supply or find other reasons why the DCDC is recommend more often. It is $10 cheaper, but if there are other technical reasons that would provide something superior for my application I'd like to know about it.

    The Carnetix seems to do everything I need:
    19v (jumper selected) up to 6.3amps or 125w
    5v 3A output (jumper selected – made for USB, but will work for my screen)

    Other critical needs:
    Ok to survive engine cranking
    Startup/shutdown controller
    Deadman timer / Low battery monitor
    Anti-thump amplifier turn on
    Failsafe auto shutdown if PC fails to shut down

    Nice to haves:
    “Pulse” start – can be used with keyless entry
    Over current protection
    Over voltage protection

    Should I look at anything else? Just about to hit order on the PC and have some other things in my cart here on the forum and want to add this too.

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    I would go with the p1900, it's a very good unit when you need 2 or 3 different voltages. I use it on an aopen bb10 unit and it's flawless Good luck SNO

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    I've have a 1900 for 4 years and it's worked great, blew a fuse once, not sure why, I replaced it and good to go again.
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    Thanks guys. Going to order one up tonight!

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