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Thread: PW-60 max amp output?

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    PW-60 max amp output?

    Calling all electrical gurus. I have a PW-60 PSU. (60W) I would like to know what the maximum allowed amps is on the 3.3V and 5V rails. In the PW-60 FAQ, they do not recommend going over 1A for the 12V rail, but I can't seem to find the limits on the other 3 main rails.

    Is this something I can calculate? Or is this fixed by design? I know from the PSU, there is 5A total. (60W / 12V) So can I say 60W / 3.3V = ~18A / 4 shared rails = max 5A for 3.3V rail? And if I'm not using the 12V rail at all, is it safe to say that I could use more amps on another rail instead? Or are rails fixed to a certain number of amps?

    Hope that makes sense. Sorry, I'm no engineering pro.. obivously!


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    I wouldnt trust the thing to power my cell phone charger...

    I wouldnt load any rail higher than 3 amps
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