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Thread: where can i get one of auto shut down controller?

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    where can i get one of auto shut down controller?

    does anyone know where i can get one?
    in fact... i need two...
    does anyone know who makes these?

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    Talking shutdown controller

    Well If you dont mind waiting a month for a shutdown controller, I suggest Jeffs, I have it installed and it works Great, Im glad I got it.

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    Here's another one

    It uses a 16F628 PIC (although it's easy enough to change it to a smaller/cheaper 12C508). The good thing about this design is that it senses the voltage on the +12V and turns on the output relay only when it reaches 13.5V or so (the exact voltage can be trimmed using a trimpot). This prevents your PC from rebooting as the voltage drops to 8V during cranking.

    The bad thing is that you need a PIC programmer and other tools build the circuit.


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