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Thread: Inverter + Shutdown Controller

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    Inverter + Shutdown Controller

    Hi All,

    I am a newbie to this (just in case i sound stupid!) and i am currently building a carputer whilst waiting for my 7" touchscreen.

    The question i wanted to ask was if i used a 300W inverter connected to my battery (in the boot luckily enough) wired through a timer relay to shut off 2mins or so after the ignition was turned off and another normal relay wired into the computers power switch to shut down when the ignition key was turned off straight away would this be a problem? as the shutdown would have happened before the inverter turned off. Also on turning the ignition on the inverter would power up and the power switch on the pc would be pressed again by the other relay to turn the pc on.

    Also would i have any interference/noise issues with mp3/DVD playback, currently in testing with a laptop which gives noise when the inverter is on (not loud but annoying!)

    System under construction: -

    250W AC PSU/Standard PC Case
    Belkin 300w Invertor
    Unknown MOBO, 900 AMD Athlon Chip
    256mb Ram
    64mb Radeon Graphics
    DVD Rom
    40Gb HDD
    7" DSCustoms Touch Screen (When it arrives!)
    Wireless PCI Card 54Mb
    Media Engine Software Installed

    Thanks in advance


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    For the noise when using the invertor, put a wire between the computer power supply/case and ground on the car, preferably the same point as the rest of your audio/invertor setup. That noise is what's called a "ground loop".

    As for what you're trying to do with relays etc, you have to remember that the power switch on ATX computers is momentary, not a clunk-click style, so a relay would have to go "live" for a split second and not go back on again. How you sort that out...I don't know, but good luck with it!

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    Thanks for the reply!

    I see what you mean about the power switch! I guess i could just install a push switch on the dash for now as the inverter will still work (well it does bench testing anyway) as described above.

    I have not put the PC in the car yet but i will try the grounding as you said although USB sound cards seem to be reasonable at the moment (about 30-40 from Scan) and i guess this would eliminate all noise??

    I will have to think a bit more about the power switch and let you know how i get on!!

    Anyone else have any ideas?

    Many thanks



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