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Thread: Remote turn on: 2 Amps + EQ

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    Remote turn on: 2 Amps + EQ

    Ok I did a search but haven't found the right thread. Anyways Im planning to buy Mini-Box's PW-70A along with a good voltage regulator to power up my M10000. The question is, since I don't have a headunit anymore, can I use the 12V rail on the power supply to remotely turn on my Clarion EQ and 2 Amps? Just in case you're wondering each of those guys have 3 power inputs which are: +12V, Ground and remote. The way I understand it is that the remote input just needs a small +12V current to turn itself on. So is it ok to turn on 3 slave devices from a 12V rail from the power supply?

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    You should do it with a standard bosche relay. Each terminal on the relay is labeled. 85 goes to the yellow of the HDD power plug, 86 goes to the black wire next to the yellow of the HDD plug, For safety, 87 should go to the constant +12V, and 30 goes to the remote turn on terminals of all of your amps, and EQs
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