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Thread: New psu for under 100. 11 left.

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    New psu for under 100. 11 left.

    An alternative to whats out there. Id buy one but i need more power than this. Not sure how long I can wait to get my opus one. But anyway there ya go.

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    Time to open an umbrella

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    The LM-1084 is a low dropout voltage 1C that provides regulation for the ATX PW120/120A DC DC converters or any other attached device. In case 12v regulation is not needed the LM-1084 can be bypassed by applying a solder bump. I will show you where to apply a simple solder bump if you need to bypass the regulator

    => this solution will work only with engine on...or a battery in a good shape

    Dropout Voltage for the LM-1084 =1.30 Volt

    Vin must be >13.3V to get Vout regulated. (low drop out regulator...)

    this will not work when your start your engine (with a regular battery)

    They bypass this:

    Ignition = ON: ITPS waits for 3 - 4 seconds then turns on the main 12v rail...

    I wonder how this can work engine turn Off (in my car I got engine on ~14V, Off ~12.5 V)

    This come PSU from mini-box
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