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Thread: OPUS 150W Question

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    OPUS 150W Question

    Ok I think I have desided on my new carPuter
    It comes in a Shuttle XPC mini case with a 200Watt Power supply I used the power calculator link posted here and I got 247 Watts needed for this system. so I am confused the computer is from a God dealer with a good rep it the computer going to be under powered ??

    I wanted to use an Opus 150Watt PS but maybe I need a bigger one Does OPUS make a 200 watt or does anyone make 200 watt dc/dc

    Intel 2.4Ghz CPU
    Iwill XP4-845 System Case
    256 MB DDR RAM
    Intel "Extreme" 3D Graphics
    40GB Ultra ATA Hard Drive
    56X CD-ROM drive
    10-100Mbps Network Interface Card
    6 channel,5.1,Stereo Sound

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    Quote Originally Posted by belezeebub
    or does anyone make 200 watt dc/dc
    Keypower does
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    It will be done sometime in the next generation.
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