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Thread: PW-70A and ITPS give up with OPUS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brett_N
    well i was researching this same topic of a PS surviving cranks, or just overall life. and it seems that this will solve the problem of the low power dropouts and harsh start ups and shut downs.

    The ITPS will do nothing for "low power dropouts," infact, it will make them much worse unless you bypass its regulator, which will make it nothing more than a shutdown controller.

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    i absolutely agree with you mate, and the fact that it is only limited to 5amps since it uses the lm1084 reg ic.for a low power pc you'll be fine, but we progress and want more and more, you should look for a supply that can power your setup and still have power in reserve, just like a big car amp to power big subs.
    you always get a amp that supplies more power than the subs need, the same applies to psu's, it also keeps em cooler and gives em a longer lifespan etc etc
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