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Thread: Is a PW-70 needed?

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    Is a PW-70 needed?

    I have an older pcbook style computer that I have been riding around in my trunk. I had a radio shack inverter connected to it, but I had to give that back to a friend(borrowed). I was thinking of using a dc-dc PS.

    However, I didnt think I really need this. The current ac-dc PS in the pox is 80W, broken out as follows:
    12v - 6A
    5v - 1.5A

    The does not have an ATX type power connector. Just 12, 5, GND, and power good. So I was thinking that I dont even need the PW-70. I could just use the ITPS (or somthing like it, perhaps my own circuit). I could then just get a 5V regulator for the 5v line.

    Think this would be ok? It wouldnt be able to handle the crank problem, but at least it would be working...

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    That is not very much current on the 5V line. The ITPS uses 5V for the pic, although it only is designed to output the 12. Maybe you could steal the 5V too???? I'm not an engineer, but I think you could check the specs on the 5V regulator and see how much of a load it is capable of supporting??

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