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Thread: dell gx150

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    dell gx150

    Hi, i ave a dell gx150 in my car with a power invertor, am looking for a dc to dc power supply for it does anyone know where i can find it? will the one they sell on this forum work?

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    Funny, I was thinking of getting one of those to put it in the car, how is it working for ya?

    I have a PIII 850MHz that I took out of a laptop and a 2.5" 60GB HDD new in the box, just waiting for me to build it a home, but I figured getting the GX150 would be easier and I could use those parts to finance the screen...

    Oh well... Decisions Decisions...

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    I have had it in there well over a year and no problems yet, knock on wood i have a p3 866 ati 5200 sound card and a i just put in a western dig 250 gig hard drive, ANY HELP ON THE POWER SUPPLY?? Anyone?

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    Look around the forums for Opus and the pw70a. I ordered the one from this board, hopefully it arrives soon.
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