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Thread: Newbie power question

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    Newbie power question


    I've read alot about how to power the pc I want to put into my car. It's a P3 733 small form factor. The power supply puts out about 120 watts. I also have a 7' inch Lilliput on the way along with a USB 2 DVD/CD-R to put in the glovebox. Here's my question. My first thought is to use an inverter. However, I read about alot of people using dc-dc solutions. Is there a diagram for a setup where this is implemented?? I can't figure out how it would work. Also, if you can list the parts I'd need and what they'd hook up to.


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    with a dc-dc solution you would ditch your existing power supply and get a DC-DC power supply.

    the 12v and ground from the car connect to the DC power supply, and that plugs into the mobo and your devices.

    search for the opus supply ... it's more expensive but will be a better solution to provide power to your p3 ... it's also easier to hook up i think.

    the pw-70a from mini-box also gives enough power, but you need to regulate the voltage and that becomes a problem.
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