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Thread: Please advise... Power wiring

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    Please advise... Power wiring

    Hey Folks!

    I finally finished config for my rig: will be runnning M10000 1GHZ board, 2,5 HD, slim dvd with ITPS and PW-70A, 256 ram. 3688 case. I tested this setup on my old battery and it works perfectly. System will go in the trunk.

    The question that I have pertains to power wiring. Instructions attached to ITPS state that both unswitched and switched wires can be tapped into existing wiring. Did anybody have any issues with such a setup??
    Im thinking of tapping into radio power for switched and alarm for unswitched... As both of these are easily accessable. What will be the acceptable gauge rating for such setup? Does additional fuse placing makes sence for this setup??, ie system will consume 30Wts tops(No fancy audio on my setup, perhaps FM modulator later on.)

    Any advise will be greatly appreciated,
    Thanks in advance!!

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    First thing you must do is if that doesn't work then go to the following Thread

    I ran into
    New CarPC on the way again I think. I miss my old one!!!

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    I responded in your other post. as I said there, please do not double post.
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