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Thread: OPUS isn't working!?!

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    OPUS isn't working!?!

    I hooked my opus up and there seems to be a problem. Whenever I start my car the opus doesn't turn on(I have to jump it on with a screw driver) then when I turn my car off the opus doesn't turn off. Has anyone had this problem or knows what's going on? The acc. wire I'm using works fine. When I test it with a volt-meter I get 13.8 when the car's on and it turns off when the cars off. It has a firm connection with the opus wire.

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    Did you connect the power switch cable from the Opus to the motherboard's power on header ? I couldn't get the Opus to power on (the green LED flashes twice) unless this cable is connected properly - it's polarity-sensitive so if it doesn't work, just turn it around.

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