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Thread: Efficiency of OPUS PSUs

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    Efficiency of OPUS PSUs

    Hey guys,

    I'm currently looking at going ahead and getting an opus. Seems to be the the rock-solid no fuss solution. Anyway, my dilemma is, which of the two models (90W or 150W) will be more efficient in my application.

    My current setup is a micro-atx board running an athlon xp (underclocked and undervolted to 500MHz), 256DDR, laptop HDD and o/board everything else. Using a power meter the total power is around about 50W, give or take a bit.

    Price size and everything else aside, which power supply will give me the best efficiency given that setup?? Does anyone know the DC-DC ICs onbaord these babies?

    Also, I noticed through searching that there was an issue with the 90Wers. Have opus sorted that out yet?

    Thanks for your help,

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    get the 150w
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    Quote Originally Posted by cproaudio
    get the 150w
    I would go for the 150w ,if you one day you decide to upgrade your system and need more power, if you have 150w OPUS it should be ok.

    check this out :

    Closed - Possible Opus Group Buy
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