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Thread: Instead of or as a tank, anyone tried a Coleman Powermate?

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    Instead of or as a tank, anyone tried a Coleman Powermate?

    Anyone tried something like the Coleman Powermate as a tank battery/etc.?

    It seems like it should/could be the perfect solution. Or is at least very close to it.

    It's a battery which plugs into the cigaretter lighter and into which you can plug other 12v things.

    Now, it's intended as portable 12 v power, so you could run a light, a portable TV, etc. away from your car. So, I don't think they intend you to be powering something from the unit while you're also recharging it. I don't know what the behavior would be in that situation. It's also billed as a way to recharge your car's battery, so in the case where the car is cranked the engine would draw current from this battery, so something would need to be done to prevent that. Anyway, just curious if anyone had looked into this...

    I'm still looking for a solution to surviving the crank, I don't want to go with a full size battery, I'm not completely sure how do set things up for a small battery (and not overcharge the battery, not force too much current too fast into the battery)...

    I'm thinking about an OPUS as well... I've got a p120A and an ITPS and that's not working well for me at all. it won't work on battery power (the voltage drop across the ITPS is so high that the 12.8 volts becomes 10.2 so the hard drive can't work), and I can't operate without the ITPS since the power supply has no regulation on its 12 volt rail.

    Here's one link to the product:

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    I believe that would work...the equivalent of adding another battery. It would be more expensive, and I don't know how long the battery would last.

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    The directions say not to keep it recharging for more than 6hours or something like that. They are useful to have around though.

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