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Thread: Did I do something very stupid ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lummox
    So you are saying that there is no chance for me to use a 80 GB 5400 3.5 inch disk and a 12V cdrom, plus some pci card (i dont know how much Voltage they need) I just cant buy laptop part, they are WAY to expensive. So if this is the the case i would just abandon the whole project (a 60 GB 2.5 disk cost 8 times more then a 80 GB 3.5 disk)

    There is heaps of way to secure a 3.5 harddrive in a car so the harddrive head goes off.

    Thanks heaps for helping out.

    The pw-70a is a 100W+ power supply but when used with the ITPS it is limited to 60W, so depending on what mobo you are using, you may find that 60W is not enough. If you are using a miniITX mobo then check this out You will probably find that you are over the 60W limit (dependling on useage), if you are not using a miniITX then you will almost definitely be over the limit.

    If this is the case then you will almost definitely want to consider the opus, as using the psu without a regulator is not advised.

    Do you really need a hdd as big as 80gig? as you can find 30gig laptop drives for roughly 50.

    Thanks again for you help mate.

    Can you recommend something else to use instead of the ITPS so I use the full power of the PW-70A? (100 watt)

    I am using a D-Link 520+ PCI wireless card in it as well so that will probably pull som watt from the PSU! Do you know roughfly how much ?

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    I know that USB devices take power from the 5V rail only to a max of about 8W otherwise they have their own power supply, however i have no idea about pci cards. possibly similar, have a look on the manfacturers site, they may have some power specs.

    As for the alternative to ITPS whilst still using pw-70a i am not really sure, i thought about the possibility of using a regulator similar to that of the lilliput 'egg', but i'm sure someone will step in and tell us that it cant deal with anything like the power required (100W-ish). Anyone?

    As i see it you have 2 choices, either spend extra money on laptop components, or spend it on an opus.

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