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Thread: Crank issue w/ reboot

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    Crank issue w/ reboot

    Currently I have a 225 watt power inverter powering my Shuttle XPC. The PSU of the shuttle is only 200 watt so its strong enough. When the car is on, but not running and I start the car, naturally the computer will reboot from the voltage drop.

    Whats the most cost effective way to remove that issue?

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    You've got 3 choices.

    Build yourself a tank circuit.
    Build yourself a power supply such as the Sproggy which survives crank (do a search)
    Buy an Opus power supply.

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    search the forums for tank circuit
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    Funny, at the moment (I have just received my opus) I am using an inverter and find the PC still runs through cranking, the only time it doesn't, is when I got the lights on and have used the PC with the engine off for a while.

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