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Thread: New 300w ATX 12Volt Power Supplies available

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    Thumbs up New 300w ATX 12Volt Power Supplies available

    Hi people,

    I'm new here posting, but have been reading for a while.

    Thought I would share a new source for 12volt ATX Power Supplies.
    You can get them from:!Level%20One/Contact.html

    When I bought mine, I dealt with a guy called Adam. He's a little slow to respond to e-mails, and needs to be chased up, but all in all it was a fast transaction.

    The PSU cost me NZ$405 which is around US$200.

    I found my PSU to be very stable and suppling an even voltage.
    It's powering a machine which is on a boat. These are the specs:
    Abit NF7-s MoBo
    AMD2600+ CPU
    2x 80Gb Seagate HDDs (7200rpm)
    1x 52 Speed CD-Rom
    1x DVD Writer
    2x fans
    32mb nVidia nForce Video Card
    1x 2 Port PCMCIA to PCI Adaptor
    1x TV Tuner Card from Leadtek

    Hope someone kinds this helpful.



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    Coooool... if Opus doesn't come out with their 230w PS by the time I'm ready for install time, I'll be looking elsewhere.

    I'm only waiting on two things right now, digitalww shipping, and installing a car alarm/remote start :-)

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    does it survive a crank?

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    ...that is indeed the question?

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    Tested it last night for the first time and it worked fine.

    But remember, my PC is on a boat, and it has a 6 truck battery bank.
    Battery was not running low. Crossed fingers, and kicked over both motors (twin hull) and then checked the PC. Phew.....


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    I got a 250 dc psu for 185? Something like that with shipping. Works great. No shutdown controller though.

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    Hi there!

    I've was wondering about this mobo and some other components

    abit nf7-s
    160GB 8mb hardisk
    DVD rom
    256mb ddr ram
    TV kort
    Tråløst nettverkskort
    geforce 2ti

    Can anyone answer me about what this spec needs of power?

    Is it enough to run on a Opus 150W or du i have to run this on a similar power supply as the above?

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