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Thread: OPUS powerdown problem

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    OPUS powerdown problem

    Sometimes, when I shut my car off, the PC stays running. Unfortunatley, I am still waiting on fedex for my screen, so I have no view of what is actually happening on the PC.

    Sometimes, it will shutdown about 10 seconds after I turn the car off (read kill the remote 12v turn on lead). But other times, it stays running, and I have to kill the 12v feed to turn it off. I tried to search, and didn't find much on this subject.

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    You probably have an application/driver running that is preventing it from going into standby.

    Try running a mains extension lead out to the car, along with a standard PC monitor, and try it a few times, and see what happens

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    My screen should be here in a few days, I'll just deal without the carpc until it gets here

    I'm hoping that is the problem. When I'm at home, on my home wireless network, I can remote terminal in, but it never stays on when I'm home. So when I'm on the road, and it decides to stay on I have no way to remote terminal in

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    You should test your PC and it's programs at home using an AC power supply. It should be easy to find out which program is hanging your computer. Open each program and test them by trying to shut down your computer with the power button. When your computer dosn't shut down in a timely manner, you know which program you need to "replace."

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