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Thread: Ultimate System

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    Laptop == cheating. Cheating is bad, don't do it.
    Audio Rockford Fosgate: 900 Watt 4-channel amp, 501bd Mono amp
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    Head units are for cheaters!
    sure some girls fake orgasms.....but it's guys like me who fake the whole relationship

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    Quote Originally Posted by lgbr
    Laptop == cheating. Cheating is bad, don't do it.

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    Dark Muppet, since basically money is not an object, and you know how to fiberglass and install, you can build my dream system that I've always wanted.

    Update your alternater to 140 amps or higher.

    Install 4 Odyssey 1200 batteries solated to eachother. each is 1200 CC amp deep cycle, and only half the size of a regular battery. 1 for starting/electrical, 2 for your audio system and 1 for the PC/video system.

    100 amp regulated PSU to maintain all 4 batteries and still have room for the PC and audio when you're "parked"

    Since you got all that raw power, a keypower 300 watt DC-DC 12V ATX PSU will work even though it's only 60% efficient. Dont worry about reboot when you start your car. You batteries are isolated from eachother so it'll function as a tank circuit.

    300 watt PSU will power just about anything you throw at it. so a 3.2GHz Extreme Edition 2MB in a ST62K barebone but rip the mobo out and toss the case. integrated ATI9100 video should be good enough for the games you wanted. Another video card for the head up displaying GPS maps and OBD-II info. SPDIF in/out so no audio car required.

    512MB of RAM is more than enough and a couple of the new Hitachi 400GB HDD should do the trick.

    Plextor's 712A 12X dvd burner for all your CD/DVD needs

    2 of 's 32 relay control module to control all your interior lights headlight/parking lights, power windows, door locks, turn signal, hazard light, power mirror, rear defogger, wipers, AC, power seats with a touch on the PC's LCD screen

    Clifford avantgard 5 with cliffnet wizard for PC controling and programming.

    A 802.11ABG card for ultimate WiFi connection. This baby will connect to everything.

    If no WiFi is avaliable a cellular aircard will keep you connected to the web even if you're between cities on a long trip.

    6 USB cameras Front, rear, left, right, 2 interior to function as security DVR and rear view mirror.

    bluetooth and IrDA for future applications such as cellphone caller ID to pop up on your PC.

    USB XM receiver

    WinRadio for all the police channels you want to get.

    IRMan transreceiver for using a remote to control your PC and for your PC to control your audio head unit or processor

    OBD-II scan tool to monitor your engine status.

    4X40 LCD molded into the steering colum. Many MP3 applications support character LCD to display song titles artist and many useful infos.

    10.4" 1000nit XGA touch screen daylight viewable molded in center console relocate vents, AC control, airbags, radio, ashetray, storage pockets if you have to.

    8.4" 2000nit XGA mirrored image molded into the top of the dash above instrament cluster for day light viewable HUD

    RF KB and moust a most, touch pad and/or track ball molded into the center console arm rest and in passanger door for you and your passanger to surf the web.

    Mold a slide out mouse pad in center console

    2 Garmin GPS16A GPS receivers.1 for GPS program another for tiny trak for all of your vehicle tracking

    An always on prepaid cellphone for tiny tak vehicle tracking.

    USB joysticks for all the games you wanna play.

    Relocate 2USB and 2 firewire to center console and install a high quality microphone for all your voice activation needs.

    With all the external devices, you may need USB hubs and serial hubs.

    Alpine 990 DD EX / DTS ES 6.1 sound processor.

    If you feel the need for rear passanger intertainment, feel free to build a second PC and network both together.

    Once you've mastered all that with no software/hardware conflict and looks like factory installed, I will bow to you kiss your feet.

    Now that's an ultimate system.
    NEW complete and updated My project with 100+ pics on 7-4-03
    If you have a Shuttle FV24 motherboard in perfect working condition for sale, please PM me.

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    Ok, I did bash the guy, but that dosn't mean I think the setup isn't cool. If it's a show car, I'm all for it, I've seen all kinds of crazy stuff on show cars. I was thinking along the lines of an AVERAGE daily driver. Show car, go for it. Cpro, get a good sponsor and I'm sure you can make your own dream come true.

    VIAs may have been overpowered for previous applications but I wouldn't want to run my GPS app on anything slower than the computer I have now (VIAM10k) . It just wouldn't be pretty.

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    Laptop == cheating. Cheating is bad, don't do it.

    You dont know what was involved on mine.

    If you were just given a laptop motherboard thats where the real challenge comes in.

    I need to move the HDD and the powerboard on top of the motherboard to make it more compact, thats involve unsoldering and resoldering about 50 wires to relocate the two.

    Part of the CPU cooler need to be fabricated.

    I needed to fabricated a case for it all to fit.

    I needed to make a small battery based tank circuit as I didnt want the standard expensive laptop battery.

    A small touch VGA screen is also need to be mounted at the dashboard.

    And I musnt forget to relocate the on/off and hiberrnate button.

    It is actually far easier to just buy everything desktop and put them together, I must have done 10,000 of those is just too boring now

    True using a complete laptop might sound easy but hey who said theres a rule?

    PC would be a better solution than a laptop, IMO

    Ill say laptop parts is a better solution for cars.

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    cproaudio.. you're closer than you think. Only my input device is a custom job from Europe. I'm thinking I may just go with a laptop though. Seems like that'd be much better for power and the computer is not the main feature... the audio is. So I don't want to detract from that.

    I will look into the "control anything" stuff. That may work for some apps.

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    Check out the specs of my PC (simular to what you want to build) and it runs on 1x 300w 12volt Power Supply. New 300w ATX 12Volt Power Supplies available

    The system draws 9-12 amps (12 when burning a CD or DVD)

    Get your power supply sorted first. That dictates what you can build.

    ncamara said "use two OPUS 150w power supplies" ..... why would you do that, when you can get 1 PSU that outputs the same power. Hooking up 2 PSUs is more work than it's worth.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tank
    Check out the specs of my PC (simular to what you want to build) and it runs on 1x 300w 12volt Power Supply.

    The system draws 9-12 amps (12 when burning a CD or DVD)
    where do we check that out?? tank you

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    Sorry, I copied the link, but forgot to paste it.

    I've edited my post and the link is now there.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tank
    ncamara said "use two OPUS 150w power supplies" ..... why would you do that, when you can get 1 PSU that outputs the same power. Hooking up 2 PSUs is more work than it's worth.
    I was suggesting the OPUS due to being able to power a computer while the vehicle isn't running. I wasn't sure if there was anything over 150W from other manufacturers.

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