Should an inverter be run on a completely separate power wire to the audio system/amps etc. all the way back to the battery?

I asked my autoelectrician about my proposed setup and he said you have to do this. He said that around each wire is a magnetic field and if they are run off the same power wire / distribution block the magnetic field generated by the invertor will intefere with the power line to the audio amplifiers which will cause a buzzing and possibly can cause damage to the amps.

Im still not 100% sure how he explained it to me, but that was the jist of it.

In the end, i ran power down one side of the car for inverter, another power for the amplifiers down the middle and then all my speaker wires & RCA's and computer wires etc. down the other side. I have zero problems with noise, SQ is perfect.

I've heard a lot of people are having troubles with inverters and im wondering why, mine has been completely painless and the entire system works great.

Any clarification / comments / death threats are welcome! thanks guys.