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Thread: Powerup Inverter question

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    Quote Originally Posted by icet
    oh i plan to make a power button to hibernate the pc, so i push the pc power button before i turn pull out the car key, once key is out, there is no power to headunit, therefore no power to inverter, everything should be off. The headunit never turn off, so when i start the car back on again, everything should turn on by setting in the bios.
    The reason i chose this way is that i can eliminate one switch, and my inverter do not survice the crank...i don't know how to make it survice yet...i read and search in this forum for a long time now...but i still confused, it seem like everyone has different opinion doing thing...but anyway will my plan still work?
    How about making a system where the inverter is directly connected to the battery. Inline with the power wire going from the battery to the inverter is a circuit where a 555 circuit throws a relay to connect a terminal and complete the circuit. The 555 would be triggered by the "on" line, and buffered by a capacitor so the "on" must be hot for a second or so before the computer starts. When the power drops off, another signal is sent, this time to the motherboard power header, causing a soft off, with a 555 measuring out enough time to allow the computer to turn off before cutting power to the inverter.

    In parralell with the system mentioned above could be an external button to trigger the inverter power as well as the computer power, such that the computer can be started when the car is in acc position, or turned off in mid drive.

    Hopefully that made some sense

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    ok i finally get rid the humming noise by using another relay and check my wires a liitle bit...i would like to thanks everybody, especially p4-2.66 for helping me..

    oh yeah Stevetru1
    i kinda have the same idea, but don't know how wire it
    so if u can help with a pics or a diagram that would help me understand more
    then i am really appriciated.

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    Glad to help.

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