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Thread: Question about Jeff Mucha's Controller

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    Question about Jeff Mucha's Controller

    Well, I got my motherboard, and to my dismay, I realized there is no power on after power loss feature, which is okay, because I wanted to wire a switch anyway to turn in on manually.

    But the question is, will the controller still shut off the power if the ignition line isn't hooked in? (the directions say don't connect the ignition line if the AUX is hooked in)

    All I want it to do is to enable me to turn on and off my car puter when the car is running, but when the car is off, i want power to the car puter to definately be off.

    Any ideas on how to accomplish this?

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    Like this=



    This allows you to turn the computer on and off with you switch while the car is on and when the car is off the computer will shut down. (The dots hold the text in place. The forum deletes formating spaces like that.)

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    I guess a better question would be...

    Does the controller "know" when the car is engaged without an ignition line?

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