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Thread: voltage meter hack, maybe??

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    voltage meter hack, maybe??

    i was looking at this to see if i could use it to cut the power supply.

    it says it has a voltage meter on it, and it has a temp regulator via fan control. if i could somehow get the volt meter hacked to a serial cable, then i could get the pc to shut down at a level that i choose, and do a soft shutdown, not a hard power cut. any thoughts, ideas, etc???

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    This "PC Data Acquisition Unit" would be a simpler solution.

    .... but you miss out on the hacking part

    It gives you:

    Eight Digital Outputs. Open collector, 500mA, 33V max.
    Sixteen Digital Inputs. 20V max. Protection 1K in series, 5.1V zener to ground.
    Eleven Analog Inputs. 0-5V, 10 bit (5mV/step.)
    One Analog Output. 0.2.5V or 0-10V. 8 bit (20mV/step.)
    Small plastic box (140mm x 110mm x 35mm) with screen printed front & rear panels supplied.
    Connected to the PC by a 25 pin straight through cable.
    Software utilities & programming examples supplied.
    Seven pages of documentation plus schematic.

    Just use the Analog Input and a simple resistor voltage divider and you can measure any voltage you want.


    (CPS93 -- $64.95)

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