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Thread: OPUS and/or Amplifier

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    Question OPUS and/or Amplifier

    I have a few quesitons about the OPUS for a power supply.

    1) How do I hook the OPUS up to my car's battery supply? I know the OPUS will power my MoBo but where does the OPUS get it's power from (obviously the car battery, but how do you hook them up?).

    2) Instead of using an inverter or OPUS can I just use the a car stereo amplifier as a power supply since that is already drawing steady power straight from my battery?

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    1) The same way you'll hook up an amp. Permanent 12V to the battery, ground to the chassis of the car, and the ignition wire to switched 12V

    2) No. Different things. However, you can use the same wiring from the battery to the trunk as the amps.

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    So, I will have to get some kind of wiring extensions to run the power wires from the OPUS under my passenger seat, up to the battery of my car?? I am still confused. When I look at the OPUS pics, it is just a circuit board with some Molex power connectors. Where are the cables for the OPUS to draw power from?

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    It comes with all cables you need to hook everything up. (ATX power out, Motherboard power switch, and 12v power input)

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