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Thread: Dumb Question?

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    Dumb Question?

    Ok so to use my 5 volt and 12 volt rails from my keypower power supply do i actually have to splice into the power supply wires? Or does someone, or can i, make a male power connecter to plug into one of the female power plugs to aviod spliing my power supply?

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    you can buy those connectors all over. They usually go by the name "Molex". That's a brand name though. It's kind of like people saying Kleenex for facial tissue. There are other brands, but people will still call them a 4 pin Molex connector.

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    Or how people say, I am going to make a "xerox" for copy. When have you ever said "i am going to make a canon of this document".

    I love that....hehehe

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    ah ok

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