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Thread: Help a newbie in the PSU world...

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    Help a newbie in the PSU world...


    I build my 1st mini-ITX based system with:
    - Mini-ITX EPIA M board
    - HDD 200Gb Maxtor
    - PCI Wireless network card.

    To power the whole thing, I purchased a PW-70 from

    My problem is the following:
    Most of the time, the system will boot with no problem, however, if I am to reboot the system after a first successfull start, it won't start. I then have a message on screen saying..missing DMI and I hear the HDD spinning like it is trying to spin, but stop and retries.stop..retries spinning..etc..If I wait like an hour, the system will boot.

    I came to the conclusion that it is my PW-70 that is not powerful enough to power the system.
    I want to stick the snap in power supply (fanless and mo noise), I see that there is a version PW70-A, where I don t see the difference with the PW-70 except the size. I dont see at any snap in PSU more powerful than 70W.
    However I did see on Ebay a PW-120, along with a 120A (again, what is the difference?). Unfortunately, there were only 5, and I couldn't get one.
    Could anyone guide me on the PSU I would need to choose please and also give me a place to find it.

    Thank you


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    I am using a PW-60a (only 60 Watts) to power a VIA M1000 board, GPS, USB Sound Card, 80Gb Desktop HD, Microsoft USB Wireless NIC and I have no problems. I think your DC-DC PS is powerfull enough.

    What delivers power to your PW-70? Are you sure you have enough volts/amps available?

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