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Thread: PC remote start - via remote on your key

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    PC remote start - via remote on your key

    After hours of searching I think I have found the unit to start my pc before I even climb into the car and therefore lessen the time before the pc starts up, just need to hack the remote open join it up with my current remote so one push triggers the two remotes and then when I click the remote my car doors unlock and the pc starts booting ! ! ! !

    If anyone has experience with it, please let me know


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    these work very well! I have one, I stopped using it as two keyfobs became a nuisance and it required a perminent feed to the pc which drained the battery. Nice piece of kit though
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    I installed a remote start on my truck that does this for me. That way my truck and computer are ready to go when I get in. I couldn't start up my pc without my truck because a crank would cause a reboot.

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    That device will certainly work, but this is how I plan on doing the same thing with my car:

    Keyless Entry Shutdown Controller

    Cheaper, and more importantly, doesn't involve carrying a second remote around.

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    its cheaper here

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    this only works with atx motherboards? it wont work with the epia m10000?

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    why wouldn't it work with the m10000? it has an atx power connector just like an atx mb.
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    It would work just fine with a mini-ITX board. When they say ATX, they are referring to the ATX power standard, which the mini-ITX boards meet. The board size has jack **** to do with it.

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    if you have an aftermarket alarm or alarm-remote starter combo with an ext output ( most of them are a ground output or a very low (mA 100 to 700 +12v) output get a latching relayto turn on the mobo if not you can use maby 3 relays to get the job done maby only one to 2 relays ---- asfar as a factory alarm or keyless you can hook up a relay to the domelight circut (most factory keyless/alarms will turn on the domelight) hook it up to that to turn on the mobo --- relays are great remember thet with a relay its just a switch and you are taking a low current to convert (switch it to a higher current) you can do crazy stuff with relays



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