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Thread: What product to get?

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    What product to get?

    After reading about the diffrent product found on this website I still don't know what to get..

    My setup will consist of one 2,5inch hd and one slim size dvd-rom together with an epia m or mII board.

    What power supply sould I get? I think the 90w will be enough power but what is the diffrence between ITPS + PW-70a Combo and OPUS 90-watt DC-DC Power Supply ???

    What is the ITPS and why do I need it if I get the opus?

    Sorry for all the "stupid" questions

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    Go with the 90-watt OPUS. You won't need anything else if you just get the OPUS. The ITPS + Pw-70 will reboot during an engine start and doesn't work will while the engine isn't running.

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