I've been trying to put together a carputer and I think I have most of it so far.

Travla C134 Case with its own Power Supply
VIA EPIA M10000 Motherboard
256MB PC2100 DDR Ram
Slim Laptop DVD Rom
20GB Laptop Hard Drive 2.5"

Planning on the 7" Lilliput Touch Screen

I haven't put anything into car yet. I've read that the OPUS 90W is just a little big for that case . Has anyone managed to fit it into the Travla Case onto the M10000 motherboard? I.E. how do you mount it... Does anyone have any pictures?

From the image in the mp3car store I don't see how the positive, negative and ignition wire comes from.

The 70W power supply appears to fit into this setup right? Is it recommended. I've also read that it can not be turned on when the car is off though. Is there a way around it?