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Thread: Shutdown controller options?

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    Shutdown controller options?

    I need a controler that will simply control a master relay and pulse my power button upon ignition on and ignition off. Jeff Mucha seems to have the best controller for my needs, does anyone have anything like it. He seems to be tied up. This is the last component i need for flawless operation.
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    PM Mastero, the 2 are basically the same.
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    Get the ITPS from here. Works great.

    Edit: You can attach the output of the ITPS to your master relay if you don't want that to supply power to your setup.

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    Be aware though that the ITPS shuts down after about 30 seconds when ignition is lost, whereas the shutdown controllers have programmable timers. (well pots) and can give you upto 30 mins before the PC shuts down.

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