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Thread: Belkin AC Anywhere 300watt

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    Post Belkin AC Anywhere 300watt

    Anybody here already checked the Belkin ACAnywhere 300watt power converter?

    Click here for link!

    300watt from your cigarette lighter...??!!?! If it works, i'm going to put my P4 into mijn Vectra...

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    hey ,solidminds

    hoe gaat het? hehe

    it seems there will be some noise when you use power inverters ,
    it would also be wise NOT to run it from the Cig but from a better grounded source.

    er zijn wel andere posts waar er gezegd word hoe je dat noise probleem kan oplossen , radioshak dingetje etc....

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    Belkin works fine for me

    Hey, i use this in my carputer and have hard wired to cigarette socket, works fine, i have celica (jap import) but curious about the earth mentioned as i have a problem with my screen when i first boot its b/white and after a while flashes purple and then settles into colour, think this could be the reason anyone?

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